International Baggage Insurance
  • Electronic device ban in aircraft cabins No problem! We have it covered Put them inside your checked luggage and insure the bag with us!
  • Insure all those extras you need to keep the kids amused at destination Mum & Dad - You also need a relaxing holiday! Our superior includes Phones-Laptops-Tablets & other electronic devices inside your suitcase*
  • Professionals!! Your worst nightmare? Arriving at your destination to find your equipment broken!! We offer a back up service to assist you in resolving the problem immediately
  • For our "Special Needs" clients we have a great insurance designed just for you! We understand that your chair is very important to you so with us you can insure it !! And up to 15.000€
  • Point to Point Insurance Just insure your items for the actual flight you are on!
EXCLUSIVE TO OUR CUSTOMERS !!! Arrived at your destination but your pram, wheelchair, camera, sports equipment etc, has not or EVEN WORSE it has but broken !! We offer a back up service to assist you in resolving the problem immediately - Just contact our Call Centre. ~~~~ With the ban of Smart Luggage ( those cases with a battery included ) on all major airlines ~ see how we have overcome the problem for our customers. Read the About Us section.
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  • I was checking in at the airport when the airline person attending me said that I could not carry my musical instrument with me onboard and had to check it in. As you can imagine, I was horrified as to loose my precious instrument would mean I could not perform at the festival I was flying to. I immediately went online and booked the Sports & Musical Equipment cover with IBI and then checked my instrument in with the airline. I was happier knowing that I had some cover and also IBI offer the back-up service of helping me get another instrument should the airline loose or break mine.  At least I would not be standing at the festival with nothing to play!! The possibility of booking up until the last minute certainly is a great advantage that I have found nowhere else.

    Well done IBI- I have told all my colleagues in my orchestra about you.

    Last Minute at Airport – Sandra Wright,San Francisco,USA
  •    A great company and communication is easy.

        Have used them several time to insure

    my baggage in which my partners dwell.

         Highly recommended!

    Mark Merchant – Comedy Ventriloquism


    World famous Comedy Ventriloquist & Crystal Cruise Entertainer of the Year !!!
  • As a wheelchair user it is imperitive that my chair is not damaged when I travel.

    I was able to quickly order my policy and customer support were so kind and looked after me.

    This quality of service is hard to come by these days. Thank you!

    Mary Westmorland, retired to Spain
  • I lead a very busy life, often travelling all around the world. I have tried many different insurance companies throughout the years and none could offer a service good enough to earn my loyalty. International Baggage Insurance, however, work on a whole different level! The sign-up and registration process is quick and straightforward and I know that I can reach them at any time from any place should the need arise. Digital registration has been a huge plus for me. I can now relax in the knowledge that the safety of my luggage and personal effects are insured.

    J.Van Pelt, Amsterdam
  • As a professional photographer I went to Paris on a job but when I landed at Orly Airport, some of my equipment was broken. I had contracted IBI insurance so I contacted them to report my problem. My greatest need was to get hold of replacement equipment so I could continue with the job and within minutes I had received assistance as they were able to give me a phone number and the address of the nearest french company that could rent me the parts I wanted. I managed to continue and IBI had saved my day!                   They now have a customer for life with me!

    P.Wolfgang, Germany


What makes us different

Our international baggage insurance comes with a multitude of added benefits, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free process at a high level of security.From our easy-to-use website, through the online booking options, to our friendly customer support, you are offered a unique service. Your items are insured from the very moment you check in at the airport to the time when you collect your bags from the luggage belt at your destination.

With International Baggage Insurance, you stand to benefit from:

  • Hassle-free, online booking options – just click on the form button and follow the instructions.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Our support is always at the ready, offering quick responses and expedient solutions.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage – we cover electronics, unusually sized items and more!

International Baggage Insurance (IBI) is a leading specialist insurer within the travel field. Our company offers non-standard policies, uniquely covering specific luggage contents. IBI was formed in 2016 as a result of the increasing demand from airline passengers looking for reliable insurance options. We offer insurance for electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets, as well as specific items, rarely covered to the full amount under existing policies. You can safely trust us with the insurance of your:

  • Electronic Devices – laptops, phones, tablets, Ipads and more
  • Unusually sized items – bicycles, wheelchairs, walkers and more
  • Sports gear & Musical Instruments

With average travel policies imposing single item limits on baggage contents that typically don’t exceed €350, the limits of most travel insurance policies apply to anything in the luggage.  This includes clothes, shoes, accessories and even the case itself, leaving many claimants out of pocket and frustrated with their travel partners when it comes to claiming on a policy.

With us, you get to benefit not only from much more detailed coverage options but from a hassle-free, online booking form as well.         By following this link  you can quickly register and book your travel insurance.

IBI is currently working with 16 airlines worldwide as the only insurance company providing travellers with comprehensive coverage. We are offering extended protection for items that have become restricted as hand luggage under new regulations, as well as unusual sized items such as bicycles and wheelchairs. With the major airlines banning the smart luggage where the battery cannot be seperated from the case, many suitcase makers have had to rethink their battery options. Some great ideas are to eject the battery before boarding or checking in the bag. This is good if you are only taking a cabin (carry-on) bag as you can still keep an eye on it but if it is taken off you at the doors of the aircraft due to lack of room in the overhead bins and sent down to the hold or  you have to check-in your suitcase and it goes into the hold and then gets lost? We have come up with a great system to continue keeping an eye on your luggage and invested in a very Hi-Tech product that is not battery run and allows us to track your suitcases too!!

IBI has worldwide coverage and is currently looking to create new partnerships with airlines and travel companies who are seeking to adapt to the new trends in the industry.




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