International Baggage Insurance
EXCLUSIVE TO OUR CUSTOMERS !!! Arrived at your destination but your pram, wheelchair, camera, sports equipment etc, has not or EVEN WORSE it has but broken !! We offer a back up service to assist you in resolving the problem immediately - Just contact our Call Centre. ~~~~ With the ban of Smart Luggage ( those cases with a battery included ) on all major airlines ~ see how we have overcome the problem for our customers. Read the About Us section.
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Countries not covered

Countries not covered:

Those transports with origin and / or destination and / or  transit through Afganistan, Georgia,

Iran, Irak, Siria, Somalia and Miramar, as well as countries or geographic zones in war conflict (declared or not)

or under sanction of the United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom or the USA in accordance with the

Sanction of Limitation and Exclusion Clause JC2010/014 ed 11/08/2010.


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