International Baggage Insurance
There are a few airlines still flying and we are working with them! So do not forget to book your insurance with us. Have you organised your holidays for 2021 then book now your insurance. We are finding that sometimes our phone lines are saturated and there is an automated message saying that the number no longer exists-this is not true. Please send us an email message with your phone number and we will call you back.
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Countries not covered

Countries not covered:

Those transports with origin and / or destination and / or  transit through Afganistan, Georgia,

Iran, Irak, Siria, Somalia and Myanmar, as well as countries or geographic zones in war conflict (declared or not)

or under sanction of the United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom or the USA in accordance with the

Sanction of Limitation and Exclusion Clause JC2010/014 ed 11/08/2010.


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