International Baggage Insurance
  • Electronic device ban in aircraft cabins No problem! We have it covered Put them inside your checked luggage and insure the bag with us!
There are a few airlines still flying and we are working with them! So do not forget to book your insurance with us. Have you organised your holidays for 2021 then book now your insurance. We are finding that sometimes our phone lines are saturated and there is an automated message saying that the number no longer exists-this is not true. Please send us an email message with your phone number and we will call you back.
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Countries with supplement


Trips to these areas may be covered by the Insurance Company adding a 50% supplement charge to the original booking fee and depending on the severity of each country at the time of travel. These bookings are only available  through our Call Centre.

 Algeria
 Azerbaijan (waters of the Caspian Sea)
 Bangladesh
 Bolivia
 Burkina Faso
 Burundi
 Cameroon (maritime transport: Bakassi Peninsula, land transport: all)
 Chad
 Colombia
 North Korea
 South Korea
 Ivory Coast
 Ecuador
 Egypt
 Eritrea
 Ethiopia
 Philippines
 Georgia
 Guinea
 Equatorial Guinea
 Gulf of Aden, its waters, as well as 65º E from the coast of Somalia to the north latitude 23, 30º N, and to the south 12º S and in the Red Sea to 14º N.
 Gulf of Guinea, in maritime zone between 4º30’W and 5º8’44.274”N (borders of Ivory Coast and Ghana) and 3º6’13.966”W and 2º20’12.8”N to the west; 9º46’18.636”E and 2º20’12.8”N  
(borders of Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon) in the east.
 India (Kashmira, Assam, Nagaland, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh)
 Indonesia
 Israel and Palestine
 Jordan
 Kenya
 Lebanon
 Libya
 Madagascar
 Mali
 Mauritania
 Nagorno-Karabakh
 Nepal
 Niger
 Nigeria
 Pakistan
 Malay Peninsula Malay Peninsula: the area encompassed by Strait of Malacca south of 3ºN, the entire Singapore Strait, the South China Sea south of 3ºN and 43 nautical miles east of the     
Malaysian Coast
 Peru
 Russia (Federal District of the North Caucasus, except Stavropol Territory, as well as within 200 km from the border with Ukraine and within the territorial waters of the Black Sea)
 Central African Republic
 Republic of the Congo – Brazzaville
 Democratic Republic of the Congo – Kinshasa
 Saudi Arabia
 Sudan
 South Sudan
 Ukraine (on land and on the Black Sea coast)
 Yemen
 Zimbabwe
This list is subject to change if modified according to the decrease / aggravation of socio-political conflicts in each country, according to the CREAM (Country Risk Evaluation and Assessment Model), the list can be consulted on the http website : //
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