International Baggage Insurance
    EXCLUSIVE TO OUR CUSTOMERS !!! Arrived at your destination but your pram, wheelchair, camera, sports equipment etc, has not or EVEN WORSE it has but broken !! We offer a back up service to assist you in resolving the problem immediately - Just contact our Call Centre. ~~~~ With the ban of Smart Luggage ( those cases with a battery included ) on all major airlines ~ see how we have overcome the problem for our customers. Read the About Us section.

    How it works

    When does my insurance Coverage begin?

    As soon as you check your bag in with your airline & receive your baggage receipt tag, your luggage is under the protection of our comprehensive travel insurance. You can relax and enjoy your journey, knowing that your luggage is safe and sound.

    When does my insurance coverage end?

    When you collect your bags from the luggage belt at the arrivals section of your destination airport, your items are under your own care once more.

    How should I make a report to you ?

    Should you notice any damage-loss-theft suffered by your luggage or belongings, as long as it falls within our terms, you are to immediately report it to our customer care. You can quickly get in touch with our call centres, using any of the numbers shown below.

    You should also send an e-mail, declaring the incident and providing details, at the following address:

    Your email should contain the following information:

    1. Your name, address, telephone number and booking confirmation number.
    2. A detailed description of your item(s) along with any damage caused.
    3. Photos of the damage.
    4. Report the theft or loss of your mobile phone/ Ipad or any other equipment using a Sim card within 12 hours of discovery of the occurence of the theft to your airtime provider and instruct them to blacklist your handset.
    5. Report the theft or loss of your items to the police within 24 hours of the discovery and obtain a crime reference number & report in relation to the stolen items.
    6. Obtain a PIR report from the airline you have travelled with when the incident occured and must be obtained before leaving the Arrival Area of the airport. Must contain date,time & airline company/agents stamp. Online PIR reports are not accepted.
    7. An approximation of the monetary value of your item(s) and how much you think approximately the repair of the damage caused may cost.
    8. The boarding card, baggage receipt tag & airline booking confirmation.

    What is a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)?

    Should your luggage fail to arrive at your destination or it has arrived damaged and/or missing items, your first action should be to head straight for the airline’s helpdesk. There, you will be assisted in filling out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This will often include personal as well as flight information, a detailed description of your luggage along with any distinguishing features that it might possess. The completed PIR report must contain the date,time and stamp of the airline/handling company.

    How long should I wait before reporting an issue to you?

    Ideally, you are to contact us immediately.  Should you delay your call, please note that the maximum allowed time limits are as follows:

    How to reach our Call Centre:

    Getting in touch with our dedicated customer support is only a matter of picking up your phone and calling the centre closest to your current location. Please note that as per the time limits on our insurance policy, delaying your call is ill advised. Should an issue arise, do not hesitate to call us right away!

    (Our Call Centres are open every day: 09:00 – 17:00hrs) (UK one hour earlier)

    Denmark +45 78 73 05 45
    Finland + 358-9-42415839
    France +33 186262401
    Holland +31 203690426
    Norway + 47-21-930568
    Spain +34 971576982
    Sweden + 46-8-12 11 11 61
    UK +44 20 33 999 420

    Please note that all communications with our Call Centres have to be conducted in English.

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